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recent producing projects and achievements



Jonathan is currently studying at the Mountview Academy to achieve his MA in Creative Producing in the Summer of 2021.


During his time at Mountview he has been given the opportunity to act as Marketing Assistant for the school's production of "LA," Unit Production Manager of "Exile" (film), and Co-Producer for a TikTok version of Macbeth.


He has been selected to act as a Festival Coordinator for Mountview's Catalyst Festival as part of his MA thesis.



Jonathan is currently acting as Associate Producer for the West End production of "Maggie and Ted" at the Garrick Theatre.


He is contributing to the marketing, the press relations, as well as the casting process of the production under writer/producer Michael McManus and director/producer Michael Kingsbury. 

Jonathan is excited for his producorial West End debut.

Whire Bear.png


Jonathan has been part of the White Bear team since September 2020 as the Literary Associate. He is contributing to the theatre's social media presence and programming. 


This year, Jonathan will act as associate producer on a one-of-a-kind new works festival at the White Bear. He has been involved in the conceptualization and development of "Grizzly Fest," and will be responsible for examining submissions to ensure their suitability for the theatre and festival.  



Jonathan has recently had the opportunity to co-produce a new cabaret called "WE MOVE." 

The first installment of the event, with the theme "A Love Letter to 2021,"  took place virtually in February of 2021 on Zoom. Nine performers presented work expressing their resilience throughout 2020 and their hopes for 2021 for over 170 audience members. Additionally the event raised money for the Judi Dench Fund, helping remove barriers to access for aspiring performers. 

The next cabaret is already being planned for June! 

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Jonathan is currently working as Assistant Producer for Patch Plays' production of Meat Cute. 

The play will be going to The Chiswick Playhouse and The Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham in June and October of this year, respectively. 

Jonathan has been responsible for completing the Production Brief (attached below) and the Arts Council England grant application with Executive Producer Lote Pupola. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 8.06.53 PM.png


In November 2020, Jonathan had the chance to be Production Assistant on the set of "LENS."

Along with supporting Producer Nina Georgieff and Director Tom Hanham, Jonathan was also an extra in the film. He thoroughly enjoyed his first time working on a film set, and has since joined Georgieff and Hanham on set for "Bright Lights" in cooperation with MetFilm school.

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